Not Your Average Baby Dedication

BabyD is an opportunity for parents to focus today on what will affect their child's future the most.

No one will have more influence on your child than you, the parent.
What happens at home is more important that what happens at church. As you raise this child, God's gift, to know what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we want to support, pray, partner, guide and encourage you.

BabyD is just one way we help do that!
It is more than just an event! It's an opportunity for you to take some time at the beginning of the journey as a parent to do the following:
- Think about what will matter most in the life of your child.
- Really talk as parents to decide what you value.
- Realize that as parents what you do TODAY will have the greatest impact on your child's future.

The next BabyD event is on Sunday, October 8th at 4:00pm. A required short orientation will take place Saturday September 30th and Sunday October 1st following each of the weekend services. Once you've registered please take a few minutes to watch the videos below before the orientation.

register Here!

If you have questions, please call Lori 940-691-8568 or email her at